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2006 Community Choice Awards - Nominate this project!

by mascix

:) I just saw this action never heard so far anyway if u like to vote u can go to

2006 Community Choice Awards - Nominate this project!

Thanks for your support.

btw if u ask me why I can not code for f4l I have some extra works and working too hard on them. my life never been like this before I have 3 computers and full of projects...

first I am working with j2me and j2ee in my daily job. its a new world for me I mean embed tech and mobile apps. and I dunno what will be on my desk next week last week I was writing some code in action script which is not my professional skills. anyway....

secondly I am writing applications for a lot of places. and maintain web sites. I dont like to do this one but its easy and fast money :)