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swf export example how

by mascix

One of my friend told me how to do that and I decided to show you how with a small movie. thanks vnc2swf. btw in this example firefox just could not open swf file because the connection between vnc2swf and remote machine.

here is the lesson movie

here is the ouput from the lesson

hmm I should write a dialog for the movie size I know. but I have not sleep 2 days, next time.

btw you can check the hole lesson library with this link..

You can learn how to check out cvs sources from the this lesson too. otherwise its same you can download the last release and open it with tar -jxf and just cd folder and "make" will do everything. if you dont have qt3 dev tools this steps wont work pls try to install qt3 dev packages for your linux distro.