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SWF export can be done

by mascix

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Last days I was so quite because I like to export swf supported by f4l. now it can export easy objects like image,line,rectangle,ovals or ellipse and text. the hardest one was text. because it can need ttf file and now it uses "locate" command directly for that issue and if it can find the actual file it includes that otherwise arial ttf file have to be somewhere in locate db. you can update that locate database file with "updatedb" command. btw f4l not under "active" development but its nice to develop f4l anyways :)

and about the image export. I import a xpm file into the scene and export it in swf nicely but about jpg there was something wrong and it looks like it has some hue saturation or coloring problems. well if I have time I should check that.

what f4l uses for swf export its a nice question. well it uses swf 7 version from flagstone software and which is the best generator library so far I know. and its licensed under BSD its a good plus from open source point of view. and I think I will stick with this library after now.

And uira developing faster then before. we are about the end of core these days. check it out Uira