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SWF output ability added but not production level

by mascix

As u see these days there a lot of things going on about f4l some of us working on new analysis. I am not a good analyst anyway I like to hack especially with smoke and coffe and sleepless nights. dont do this on your own it can be dangerous :)

after the seminar which was in IRC. for webfest. anyway I heard there. then I start to read that site. the only best lib that I know so far was ming for swf output. but its a hard lib to compile and use I dunno why and never success with it. which has swf lib for output from f4l and well documented code and I tried it. it is working well just one problem it does not have action script 2 support. and contact with author but he told me that he is working full time. btw this product licensed with BSD license.

now u can test f4l with flagstone software lib which named as transform. you can add frames and draw something after layer choosing. then go to export movie in file menu then u will see a swf file in the path which f4l executable in. btw it works just for rectangles now :) it is so easy to implement others just read code some.


u can download there and test it. Enjoy