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Interaction Diagram, and qflash meeting and HELP WANTED

by goutnet

Well, after nearly one week of hard working, the interaction diagram came out !
(the complete study, still under progress is located here :
This will be the next skeleton of f4l ! (which will hopefully change name by the time :) )

We also had a nice meeting with qflash people of #f4l ( and they remembered us about SWF Tools ( another SWF encoder, mascix told me about it some time ago, but I did not notify it (he told me about many others that were dismissed due to some troubles ...). After the end of the meeting, we still don't know if qflash people will join us or not for this GPL journey ... we're waiting for them to decide).

BTW, analysis is still not finished, but going pretty fast now, and FlashMX Gui analysis still off at the moment, so we do have work left ....
But Please, if any developer wants to join, contact us, we're going to have need of any help. (developers, testers, technical writers, artists ... hunt is opened !)