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F4L Meeting ! [ Design, Managment, Code (!) ]

by goutnet

F4l next development/design meeting will be Tuesday 2nd August (today so) 20:30 Paris time on IRC :

port: 6667
channel: #f4l

If you don't know about IRC, please try googling xchat, install it, then add a server and when connected, type :

/join #f4l

Please try to join the meeting room 15 minutes before the meeting start.

Non developers welcomed.

New Name Needed, FAST !!!!!!!!

by goutnet

Well, we are only few days from importing the new core into the cvs repository, now we need a new name, now ! It should :

  • Not include "Flash" neither Macromedia (TM) nor SWF because :

    • this project may not only exports swf but other formats in the future

    • Flash, and Macromedia are Macromedia tradmarks registered/copyrighted
  • Not include any copyrighted nor tradmarked name (we are not lawers and don't want to be)
  • Intends to show what's this project is related to (animation ouput)

Please add ideas as comments :)

deb package ready and goutnet working on core

by mascix

Selam made ready this deb package for last release. you can download it via sourceforge download. btw goutnet working on core of system of f4l I think after this weekend we can work on it togather. and there will be a lot of changes on this project.

waiting ..... in excited mode :)

First design meeting, coding standard ...

by goutnet

F4l development is taking a new turn from yesterday, we ahd our first design meeting on IRC
irc log is available.

a Coding Standard is now available and the analysis roadmap had been updated.

QFlash members had merged with us, which is a good news, jangoo is now part of the dev team.

So only good news :)

F4l swf out try(a.k.a. holiday) released

by mascix

You can download it via

Source Forge

and feedbacks more important for this now it just export rectangle and oval and line objects to swf. use file "export movie" item for this.

timeline structure rewritten and canvas structure rewritten with these new enhancements f4l works faster then before and more close to be a animation editor or IDE.

just uncompress the file then
cd f4l-0.2
will be enough and your executable f4l is under bin directory. for compile you need to have qt devel packages in your system.

SWF output ability added but not production level

by mascix

As u see these days there a lot of things going on about f4l some of us working on new analysis. I am not a good analyst anyway I like to hack especially with smoke and coffe and sleepless nights. dont do this on your own it can be dangerous :)

after the seminar which was in IRC. for webfest. anyway I heard there. then I start to read that site. the only best lib that I know so far was ming for swf output. but its a hard lib to compile and use I dunno why and never success with it. which has swf lib for output from f4l and well documented code and I tried it. it is working well just one problem it does not have action script 2 support. and contact with author but he told me that he is working full time. btw this product licensed with BSD license.

GPL negociations

by goutnet

We have some troubles with licensing, and as design goes, we (I) need to fix it :

I sent an email to GNU explaining that we have a project that links QPL, GPL, and LGPL I wait from them to know what we should do :)

We have a roadmap (for analysis ...)

by goutnet

Well, analysis and design is pretty much a hard and long task, so I decided to break it into a roadmap :

so we are still working on design :)

f4l lends some developers

by goutnet

Well recent days have been pretty busy for me ;) but we are not yet out of business,

New developers are joining :

- Octobinz (affected to flashmx analysis)
- Liam (affected to swftools for now)

they are from unfreeze group (so am I)

I am for now trying to document gplflash2 project (doxygen and co), to have enough
info for continuing design ;)

More news soon

Small TimeLine And Animation and a lot of more

by mascix

thanks to vnc2swf