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Update flash for linux using cvs Howto

by mascix

F4L is available via anonymous cvs. Type the following to check out the latest development version from CVS:


cvs -z9 co f4l-0.2
cd f4l-0.2

or try to use qmake or kdevelop.


cvs -z3 co f4l
cd f4l
first try autotools:

cd f4lm

if it does not work they dont work sometime :)

   qmake -project
qmake -o Makefile

do not install this version use for testing.

keep going without google they choosed this way

by mascix

when I want to write some I will. in the mean time you can check Tutorial Movies.

please check movies.

Google Adsense

by mascix

One time I got message from google adsense which was saying that I should not corrage people to click on adsense actually I was saving money for a new computer. then I cleaned the "Please Click" title on adsense at right pane of the side.

Today I got mail from adsense at which was telling me that my account has been disabled. I was saving that money about one year and 2 months. there was 500$ :) I replied and ask them what did I done exactly wrong. I want a good answer but I lost my hope on google.

strange people strange firms.........

2006 Community Choice Awards - Nominate this project!

by mascix

:) I just saw this action never heard so far anyway if u like to vote u can go to

2006 Community Choice Awards - Nominate this project!

Thanks for your support.

btw if u ask me why I can not code for f4l I have some extra works and working too hard on them. my life never been like this before I have 3 computers and full of projects...

first I am working with j2me and j2ee in my daily job. its a new world for me I mean embed tech and mobile apps. and I dunno what will be on my desk next week last week I was writing some code in action script which is not my professional skills. anyway....

swf export example how

by mascix

SWF export can be done

by mascix

last release link
Last Release

Last days I was so quite because I like to export swf supported by f4l. now it can export easy objects like image,line,rectangle,ovals or ellipse and text. the hardest one was text. because it can need ttf file and now it uses "locate" command directly for that issue and if it can find the actual file it includes that otherwise arial ttf file have to be somewhere in locate db. you can update that locate database file with "updatedb" command. btw f4l not under "active" development but its nice to develop f4l anyways :)

F4L web site moved to new mysql4.1 version

by mascix

sorry for some latency but from now on site will work faster sf said this I dunno :)

I am not coding last days I know you are not happy about these but I dont have desktop computer anymore and dont have time for open source maybe in near future I would buy a new computer I am not sure yet. btw for curious people I am writing this message from my daily work computer.

btw I like to show you a nice idea from my friend its funny and its good start to learn some bug reporting tool :)

Have You Check The Movies So Far I know they r old and f4l can export swf anyway.

by mascix
I know
30% (228 votes)
12% (88 votes)
12% (92 votes)
never heard
46% (352 votes)
Total votes: 760

I have not write any news so far because I moved to new home

by mascix

About a week ago I moved a new flat and now I have no connection to net yet but I applied. and waiting for it.

And my old friend desktop computer made his trick again it did not start :) when I carry it. it dont works at the beginning somekind of a game for it I think :)

btw are there anyone who tried to export a new swf from f4l last release ?

Rpms and spec file ready to download

by mascix

There is Fedora Core 4 Rpms and src rpm for any rpm based linux. You can download them vis sf download page. By the way I am working on uira these days a new project. and reading qt4 docs for moving f4l to qt4. Check rpms if u have any problem about rpms contact with me via mail. and I will send them to developer.